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Culture Clean

Culture Clean is a probiotic cleaning range made here in North West Tasmania, using an original recipe created by my grandmother.

Culture Clean has a range of 5 products. All-Purpose, Mould Magic, Hand Sanitiser, Toilet Fizzies and Fridge Fresh.

The hard working, live probiotics in ‘Culture Clean’ effectively eliminate harmful bacteria in your home, leaving colonies of beneficial bacteria untouched and free to ‘do their thing’. (Incidentally, the ingredients also act as a natural ant-repellent. Bonus!)

Use ‘Culture Clean’ to enrich your home with the unique combination of powerful cleaning ingredients and gut-healing probiotics.

Did you also know you can make a significant and positive impact on your gut health by enriching your home and work environment with probiotic bacteria?
Just like our internal gut flora needs help to create active groups of good bacteria, so does our home. Harsh chemicals and bleaches can strip away those colonies, leaving only a sterile wasteland.

Culture Clean is brilliant when used alone as an all-purpose cleaner, you can also combine it with your current cleaner for impressive results.

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10 Reasons to switch to probiotic, natural cleaners

Take a Broth-Tasmania

Chewable bone broth strips for busy people on the go!

Take a Broth Chicken and Beef

No mess, no fuss, on-the-go bone broth!

‘Take a Broth, Chewable Bone Broth Strips’.
All the health benefits of bone broth – in your pocket.
Throw them in your bag and go!

Sourcing the very best, grass-fed products and fresh, local Tassie ingredients, slow cooking them in her unique and expert way and dehydrating them into convenient pocket sized packs of ‘ready to eat’ snack-sized wafers that you can take anywhere.

Mums like Angela: ‘I don’t have the time to make my own broth from scratch. To have something I can just throw into the kids’ lunchboxes or keep in my bag and take to after school sports? These are amazing!

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