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Introducing Culture Clean

10 Reasons to switch to probiotic, natural cleaners

Our Probiotic All-Purpose cleaner is the natural way to kill the bad bacteria and keep the good bacteria in your home to help you create a healthy environment for your family. Use alone as an all-purpose cleaner OR combine with your favourite cleaners to create a happy, healthy household.

The live probiotics in Culture Clean fight the bad bacteria in your home, leaving the good bacteria to do it’s thing. The ingredients even act as a natural ant-repellent. Use Culture Clean twice a week to enrich your home with a nourishing cocktail of probiotics. Ordinary cleaners contain bleaches, which strip and remove all bacteria – good and bad.

Essential-oil-based cleaners are great, and they do an amazing job… but they damage good bacteria too. Just like our gut flora (microbiome) we need a mix of bacteria in our environment to help fight disease and infections that can be on our kitchen surfaces, toilets, bathrooms, fridges and floors.

Made lovingly in Tasmania with all natural whole ingredients and live cultures!


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